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Villa Sparina Gavi

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Gavi is a small area (appelation) in the Piedmont region of Italy. This area is largely known for Barolo, Barbaresco, and to a lesser extend Barbera and Dolcetto. In the US, Gavi doesnt get the same recognition as these other wines, but it will. Gavi is made with the cortese grape, a grape that has record of use in wine dating back to the 1600s. The Cortese grape produces a lean style of wine that is high in acidity but this can be tempered with modern wine making techniques. Villa Sparina makes really fantastic Gavi wines. One of which is this Villa Sparina Sparkling Gavi.

This is a sparkling Gavi wine made in the traditional Champagne method. Bottle fermented, aged on the lees, punted, dosed and corked. This is a delicious wine. I mean really delicious. Fun, vibrant, and no pretense. Bread / Yeast characteristics on the nose and palate, lemon zest, and peach skin. Round and full on the palate, not overwhelmingly carbonated, straw yellow in the glass, dry on the palate, medium length finish, this is an fantastic wine at a great price!


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