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Pasture Raised Whole Duck (~6LB)


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If you’ve never had a pasture-raised duck, you haven’t had duck. These quackers come from Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange Indiana and spend their lives on pasture most of their lives. They are minimally processed, air chilled and individually bagged and frozen. Each bird is roughly 6LBS (give or take). How do you cook a duck? Well, you can roast them whole in the oven. Season, and cook on the smoker. Or you can part them out. Just make sure you leave the skin on!

Wings and Leg quarters are great if salted, packed into a bag with rendered duck fat and then sous vide (cooked in bag). If you don’t have an immersion circulator to sous vide, then you can slow roast in the oven at low temps. Just make sure you sear them off in a pan to get that tasty crispy brown skin! Duck breasts are great with salt, a little garlic and then seared in a pan. We serve duck breast medium. Use the frame to make broth. Make sure you skim off the fat to use in cooking!


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