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Indiana Cut Comb Honey


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My dad has been a bee keeper since the 60s. He used to keep bees professionally but then relegated it to an extreme hobby.  As a kid, I would go with my dad to tend to the bees that we used to keep next to an old barn that you can still see from 465 on the north side of Indy near the Fashion Mall. I have a lot of fond memories running around the hives and holding the smoker.

Today,  Dad’s honey is operation is much smaller. He has only a handful of hives at 79th and Georgetown on 7 acres of clover and wildflower. The honey has a nice dark golden color and has a very light floral flavor. Cut Comb honey is precisely what it sounds like, honey still in the comb. We cut the comb directly from the frames and box it up. The wax is edible so spread it on toast, drop it in tea or if you don’t want the wax, just squeeze the wax with a spoon to extract the honey.

Cut Comb honey comes in boxes that weigh ~12oz or more.


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