Charcuterie Party Platters

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If you’re entertaining, let us help you out and make the charcuterie spread! Pre-order here based off number of people you are entertaining and we will assemble the spread to impress your guests. Prices and portioning are based off these being an appetizer.

Approximately 4oz of meat and 2 oz of cheese per person plus cornichon, olives, rustic bakery crackers, truffle mustard, etc.

Some of the meats we like to use are sourced from LaQuercia, Fermin, Olympia, Creminelli, Smoking Goose, Brooklyn Cured, 3Js, and this list grows and changes as we find delightful producers. All of these producers are high-quality, sustainable, clean, and free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

All platters are made of palm leaf and bamboo and are disposable (and biodegradable / earth friendly!). Assemble the platter ingredients on our board or your own!

Pickup your platter on Thursday, 2/4, Thursday 2/11 or at the BR, Carmel, or Indy winter farmers market on 2/6 or 2/13.



Additional information

Platter Size

2 guests, 4 guests

Pickup Date

Thursday (2/4) @ Old Major, Saturday (2/6) @ Farmers Market, Thursday (2/11) @ Old Major, Saturday (2/13) @ Farmers Market


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