Beehive Big John’s Cajun (4oz)


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Beehive Big John’s Cajun is a Utah cheddar rubbed with Cajun spices and is a winner of 6 major awards. This is a cheese for the spice lover who doesn’t shy away from cayenne. Every nibble that includes the rind will give you a nice punch of heat balanced with the sweet creaminess of the cheddar. Big John’s Cajun is rubbed with a blend of garlic, celery seed and cayenne. As the cheese ages, these ingredients infuse the 20-pound wheel of cheddar with savory notes that remind us of the best dang wood-fired pizza you’ve ever had. The smokiness of the cayenne and the creaminess of the cheese are a delight. The garlic is going to slow dance with your olfactory receptors for some time and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Pair with a Crisp lager or pilsner, Champagne or Bloody Mary and enjoy with Salami, an assortment of olives, or top it with wildflower honey. It’s also perfect for melting on a grilled cheese or burger.

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