Barone Pizzini Naturae Franciacorta 2011

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2016 was the year that I just went insane over sparkling wine. I used to think that sparkling wine was just for special occasions but the wonderful truth is that sparkling wine is wine to be consumed whenever you like. Sparkling wine tends to go with most food so if you are ever stuck with a pairing idea, default to sparkling! Lets get to the review.

Franciacorta is a style of sparkling wine as well as an official wine region within Italy. Most people think Lambrusca or Prosecco when thinking sparkling Italian wines. Franciacorta, however, is generally a dry style of sparkling wine that is also generally made in the traditional Champagne method. If you love a good sparkling wine but tend to shy away from the prices that tend to come with good French Champagnes, then you should look to Franciacorta and definitely Barone Pizzini. Barone Pizzini was started in 1870 and is a great producer of bubbles. Their love for the earth is reflected in the care they take with their agriculture. They use a low-intervention approach to making their wines.

The Barone Pizzini Franciacorta Naturae is a Brut Nature style of sparkling wine. This simply means that the wine is not back sweetened after it has been bottle fermented so the residual sugar is extremely low (below 3g/L). The earth shines through in this wine. The great mineral profile comes through as a result of the limestone in the soil and soft “bready” characteristics start to show through as the wine warms in the glass. The fruit is definitely on display with this wine.

Drink this wine with or without food. If with food, try fresh seafood like oysters, or sushi. Fatty fish, creamy cheeses are also nice as the dry, high-acid side of the wine will play nicely.

Old Major Rating:  8/10


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