2016 Daniel Chotard Sancerre Blanc

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In the last 18 months I have found that I really enjoy white wine. Good white wine. I also fell in love with Sancerre in about that time. Sancerre is a region of wine country in the Loire valley of France, just due-west of Paris. This valley is very diverse in the offerings of grape varietals, wines and wine styles. The valley follows Loire river which is the longest river in France. In Sancerre, the primary varietal is Sauvignon Blanc. You can, however, find some pinot noir as well. But the creme de la creme is Sancerre Blanc which is 100% sauvignon blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc from Loire is generally very acid and mineral driven. This has to do with the cooler climate, the diurnal temperature fluctuation and the high content of mineral-rich soils. Cooler climates, general mean longer times to achieve ripeness which lends it self to more elegant wines that showcase the fruit and the terroir. Diurnal fluctuation is the change in temperature from day to night. Big temperature drops at night stop ripening which helps with preserving the natural acid in the grapes.  All of these variables are what make Sauv Blanc from Sancerre so unique and so delicious.

The 2016 Daniel Chotard Sancerre Blanc is no exception. 2

This wine is a light straw color with no gas or sediment. On the nose it has light floral notes, crisp fresh fruit like grapefruit, grapefruit skin, peach skin, under ripe peach, sweet lime, and crushed apples. Mineral components come across as well on the nose as hints of wet stone. On the palate the wine is fruit forward, dry and has a good amount of acid. Fresh peaches and sweet grapefruit come through bright as day.

The wine is round, balanced and refreshing. Very refreshing.


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