2013 Poggio Scalette Il Carbonaione

 In Wine

The landscape where you will find the Carbonaione vineyard is steep hills that are terraced with ancient stones. If you haven’t seen terraces before, from a distance they look like steps for giants. The Carbonaione vineyard is located in Tuscany which is home to some pretty serious Italian Wine districts including Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. It’s a wonderful area to grow Sangiovese, the primary grape grown in this region.

As is the case with many Italian wines, you can really taste the history of winemaking in many of the wines and this is very true with the wines of Poggio Scalette. The quality of the grapes combined with the incredible the skill of the wine maker, Vittorio Fiore, yields what I would consider one of the top sangiovese wines in Italy. This particular vintage is ridiculous. Super smooth drinker, balanced alcohol and tanning. Full body but smooth mouth feel. This wine is an amalgam of Blueberry, Blackberry and toasty characteristics that can come through as chocolate, or licorice.

This wine and vintage should be opened and aerated with a splash decanter. Let it sit out for 30 minutes before digging in. This is wine is insane.


Old Major Score: 9/10

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